City Councilmember Paul Koretz, author Naomi Klein, and LA climate justice community leaders, announce the launch of an effort to mobilize the nation’s second largest city against climate change on the scale of the home front mobilization of WWII. This unprecedented campaign aims for no less than a Leap forward to climate justice and carbon-neutrality by 2025.

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Paul Koretz and Naomi Klein Announce Aggressive WWII-scale Climate Mobilization Initiative

June 21, 2017  

"I’m calling on all Angelenos to mobilize once again. We need a World War II-scale mobilization in order to keep our City safe and our planet habitable and resilient. And we need to ensure that we do it in a way that honors frontline communities, ensures equity, and protects workers. I’m asking the creative minds of Los Angeles to join with the grassroots activists in creating the City of the future, not some fictional Tomorrowland, but here, on the ground, in the City of Angels we all love." - Councilmember Paul Koretz

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